Jan Scherrer Senior Living Watch

Jan Scherrer
Senior Living Watch

The mission of Senior Living Watch is to help senior consumers. If you Google the words senior living you’ll be flooded with listings of assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and retirement communities closest to your location.  These will be surrounded with ads for particular brands that promise you the best.  At the bottom of the page, you’ll be given a choice to advance your search to senior living jobs, senior living magazines, and all kinds of senior living services.

Senior living goods and services have soared into a thriving industry.  The good news is that businesses in our society are now vying for the attention of senior citizens and many of their products and services can make life more pleasant.  The bad news is that many of these same businesses are so focused on profit; they neglect to give our seniors what they are paying for.  At their worst, they take their money and and fail to provide promised services to the point of harm.

Senior Living Watch believes every citizen, business, government official, and policy-maker in our society should insist on giving the very best to our seniors.  Marketing to seniors should be simple, straight- forward, and transparent. As seniors age, processing information can take longer.  Businesses who sell to seniors, and their advertisers, should respect and adjust to this fact of life.  Instead, many take advantage of it.  When we find this happening, we will let you know.

Here in our beginnings, it’s hard to guess what we’ll encounter and where it might lead us. Let’s get started and see where we go.  From nursing homes and assisted living facilities to those TV commercials promising a scooter or a back brace in exchange for your Medicare number, there are a tremendous amount of promises being made to seniors every day. Let’s insist the senior living industry be safe, effective, and honest.

We will look to you for feedback and direction and hope we can help you make some good choices along the way.

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